VMware monitoring with vPoller in the Zabbix Cookbook

A few days ago I’ve received my copy of the Zabbix Cookbook by Patrik Uytterhoeven.

The book is a collection of recipes about good practices and common problems that you solve when deploying your monitoring environment.

Being interested in virtualization and all things related to it, I’ve skimmed directly to the VMware monitoring section, which talks about how to perform monitoring in a virtualized environment with Zabbix.

While reading through the VMware monitoring section of the Zabbix Cookbook I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there was a section in it dedicated to vPoller, which is project I’ve been working on for a while already and comes with native integration for Zabbix!

Overall I think the book is good and both - novice and experienced - sysadmins would benefit from reading it, so I’d recommend getting a copy of the book!

Written on June 26, 2015