service-mgr -- Asynchronous service(8) manager for UNIX/Linux

Another project I’ve been playing with recently is the Asynchronous Service Manager.

The Asynchronous Service Manager as it’s name suggests is a service(8) manager for UNIX/Linux systems. It allows you to remotely manage and control the services of your UNIX/Linux systems in asynchronous way.

By design the Asynchronous Service Manager is a distributed system, which uses the Publish-subscribe messaging pattern.

The Service Manager was built in Python and uses the ZeroMQ messaging library.

The diagram below shows the typical message flow of a service request:


With Service Manager you can manage various UNIX/Linux system services without having to worry about the underlying methods for managing a service. By doing that it provides you with a standard interface for managing services on various systems, e.g. GNU/Linux, BSD, etc.

For more information on Service Manager, how to install and configure it please refer to the Service Manager Github repository

Written on February 14, 2014