Releasing the UNIX/Linux Wargames Project code

Some time ago, I’ve started a project with educational purposes called the UNIX/Linux Wargames.

The idea of the project was to allow people put their hands on a UNIX/Linux system and learn new stuff – that is how to use the OS tools in order to do cool things and practice in general.

At the time I’ve started with the UNIX/Linux Wargames Project there were other similar projects, but they were meant for programmers or were strictly security oriented.

The UNIX/Linux Wargames Project I’ve started was meant for people with little or no experience with UNIX/Linux systems and it’s goal was to introduce people to UNIX/Linux systems and the tools by solving various challenges, or how we used to call them – chapters.

By doing so, people were able to learn something new by solving something practical.

Although there were other similar projects at that time, but with different goals I had no real idea where to start from. You could find various Wargames projects on the net, but there was nothing posted on how to actually start a new Wargames project, so I was on my own.

So, I’ve started building the chapters – and it took me some time to come up with something interesting, presented like a game, but eventually I made it. It was time let others know about it.

Soon after announcing the new UNIX/Linux Wargames Project there was a big interest in it, and lots of people were playing it!

After solving a challenge people were able to publish their own solutions to the Wargames Knowledge Base, so it was a good way to actually share experience with others.

Few also made it to the Wargames Hall Of Fame!

Unfortunatelly due to various reasons (ranging from malicious users, lack of resources, and others..) I had to shut down this whole project after a while…

Few people knew that this was coming, but I never had the time to actually post about it.

I’ve been thinking for a while about it, and thought that now is the time to release the code I’ve used when I started the UNIX/Linux Wargames Project.

I’m doing so with the hope that maybe some day it could serve as the base or guideline for someone else’s work when starting a new Wargames project.

The code along with all chapters can be found at the Github repository listed below.

Hope someone finds it useful when starting a new Wargames project.

Written on March 5, 2014