My64 -- A modern computer in a retro case

I’ve always been fascinated by old retro computers, even though I didn’t have one, so it is hard for me to explain why I feel such a connection with these old machines.

It was a couple of months ago when I was reading something about Commodore 64 and was looking around to buy myself one of these 8-bit machines. That’s when I found out about My Retro Computer and was pleasantly surpised that they build and sell computer cases of the famous Commodore-64 and VIC-20 machines.

Now, the nice thing about these computer cases is that you can actually put a modern Mini-ITX motherboard, so I pulled the trigger and ordered myself the My64 case.


Having the computer case it was time to think about the various computer parts I need in order to build a modern computer within a retro case. I also have two kids, so it will be a fun experience for each of us to build a computer together.

And without further ado here is the full list of parts I’ve ordered.

So, once we had the machine assembled it was time to install the operating system. We downloaded Debian GNU/Linux and my 6 year old son took care of installing it with a bit of assistance from my side.

And here’s the final result with my kids playing games on a modern Commodore 64 computer.

_config.yml _config.yml _config.yml _config.yml _config.yml

Next thing we will do is to get VICE installed, so we can enjoy some 8-bit magic.

Written on March 31, 2021