How to reset an IBM Blade Chassis Management Module

Sometimes when a Blade’s MM goes down and you cannot access the web interface of the MM your last resort is the SSH and/or Telnet interface.

This document explains how to reset the Management Module (MM) interface of a Blade chassis through it’s Telnet command-line interface.

Reseting the MM from a Telnet session

In order to reset the MM from a Telnet session when, first telnet to the target’s MM, e.g.:

$ telnet
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.

username: admin

Hostname:              blademm
Static IP address:
Burned-in MAC address: 5C:F3:00:01:02:03
DHCP:                  Disabled - Use static IP configuration.
Last login: Thursday August 9 2012 10:13 from (Web)

Now that you are connected to the Blade Chassis, change the target to the MM you need to reset.

system> env -T system:mm[1]       

The above command changes the target to the first MM on the chassis.

Note that the prompt changes to indicate the current target:


Now simply reset the MM by executing the command below:

system:mm[1]> reset

You should be able to connect now to the MM by using the Web interface after a successful reset.

Written on September 26, 2012