ECDSA keys support in cl-ssh-keys for Common Lisp

Support for ECDSA private and public keys in ironclad has been implemented.

Soon after that I’ve added support for ECDSA keys in cl-ssh-keys, which now allows you to encode, decode and generate new ECDSA keys in OpenSSH binary format.

Make sure to check this post about cl-ssh-keys, if you haven’t seen it before, which talks about the cl-ssh-keys system in more details.

Generating new OpenSSH ECDSA keys with cl-ssh-keys is easy as this.

CL-USER> (ssh-keys:generate-key-pair :ecdsa-nistp256)
CL-USER> (ssh-keys:generate-key-pair :ecdsa-nistp384)
CL-USER> (ssh-keys:generate-key-pair :ecdsa-nistp521)

You can use the generated ECDSA keys for public-key authentication on your remote servers.

For more examples and additional documentation, please refer to the cl-ssh-keys repo.

Written on August 28, 2020